PgDay Ukraine 2020 postponed! Written by Pavlo Golub on 20.03.2020

PgDay Ukraine delay

As for now, there are no strict official restrictions in Ukraine. However, the trend seems to be evident, and the COVID-19 epidemic will be in an active phase until June-July, 2020.

Taking this into account, we are postponing the conference. We’d like to kindly remind you, we’re not canceling the PGDay Ukraine 2020, it’s moved to Fall 2020. All purchased tickets are valid. You are still our participants and guests.

We believe September 5th is the best option, but we are still in negotiations within the community and other conference teams about the date.

The Conference Remains in Force!

We understand that there are tough times nowadays. So if you want to refund, please, fill in the form, and we will return the funds to your card during the next 72 hours.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

PGDay Ukraine team

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