Interview with Oleksii Kliukin Written by Pavlo Golub on 12.02.2020

Oleksii Kliukin

I am Oleksii Kliukin, a PostgreSQL engineer and community contributor. I fell in love with Postgres sometime around 2003 after spending many evenings with gdb trying to figure out how to build a replication solution on top of the world’s most advanced open-source database. I’ve founded the Berlin PostgreSQL User Group in 2015 and been involved in the organization of several European conferences, but this is my first time voting talks, and I’d like to thank the organizers for this opportunity.

We’ve got many more submissions than there are slots available and a lot of really good ones. The principal challenge is to distill the relevancy of the talk, the novelty of the subject, how knowledgable and engaging the speaker seems to be into a single score.
A detailed talk description is a must and without the speaker’s bio, it’s really hard to make anything out of their submission.

The majority of the submitters are people from the PostgreSQL community I know for years, some of them are my current or former colleagues (I’d abstain from voting on their talks). It helps to know someone is a great speaker by hearing them speaking, either in person or by watching a recording on the web, but I’m also very excited by seeing new people I haven’t met before. I have high hopes for this conference to discover new speakers and to bring a diverse Ukrainian PostgreSQL community together, and as a Ukrainian, I’m tremendously happy with the UA part of this PGDay!

As a final note, despite the fact that we’ve got so many submissions, there are many good talks that are yet to be submitted and there are a lot of excellent speakers waiting for their chance to speak at Postgres event for the first time. Don’t wait, if you work with PostgreSQL for some time you definitely have some stories to share, you are part of the community and I’d love to hear you talking. Go to your local meetup and propose a subject (you can make it 20 minutes if you are just trying the idea), visit your closest PostgreSQL conference and talk to people, submit your talk, spread the word and be part of the Postgres success!

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